Academic articles and papers - by year


    UK inflation outlook is deteriorating  (Source: Mar LSR Review)

    How healthy are the UK's public finances?  (Source: Apr LSR Review)

    Is the housing ladder wobbling?  (Source: May LSR Review)

    A tale of two concepts  (Source: Jun LSR Review)

    The modern European state in the early 21st century  (Source: Jul/Aug LSR Review)

    How long can the mortgage boom last?  (Source: Aug LSR Review)

    Why was Black Wednesday so golden?  (Source: Sep/Oct LSR Review)

    Will Germany follow Japan?  (Source: Oct LSR Review)

    Does the USA's payments deficit matter?  (Source: Nov/Dec LSR Review)

    Are UK house prices about to crash?  (Source: Dec LSR Review)


    Budget Commentary, 9th April  (Source: LSR)

    Fairly high money growth ahead  (Source: Jan LSR Review)

    Debt management and deflation 2  (Source: Apr LSR Review)

    The single currency and Europe's constitution  (Source: Oct LSR Review)

    How long will the bull market last?  (Source: Dec LSR Review)

   Growth Prospects of City Industries  (Source: LSR)

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