Academic articles and papers - by year


    Fiscal policy in the UK since the Second World War, Part I  (Source: Sep G & N Review)

    Fiscal policy in the UK since the Second World War, Part II  (Source: Oct LSR Review)

    The Clarke Boomlet?  (Source: Nov LSR Review)

    The condition of the British financial system, late 1996  (Source: Dec LSR Review)


    Why the euro will fail  (Source: The Euro)

    Benefits of short-termism  (Source: Jan LSR Review)

    Global money points to above-trend growth  (Source: Feb LSR Review)

    Will inflation stay low in the late 1990s?  (Source: Mar LSR Review)

    Raiding the pension nest egg  (Source: Apr LSR Review)

    Was there a 'monetarist counter-revolution'?  (Source: May LSR Review)

    Why are American share prices so high?  (Source: Jun LSR Review)

    Is public debt really under control?  (Source: Jul LSR Review)

    Another classic dilemma in British monetary policy  (Source: Aug LSR Review)

    Long-run investment returns  (Source: Sep LSR Review)

    How should monetary policy be organized?  (Source: Oct LSR Review)

    Inflation is not dead  (Source: Nov LSR Review)

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